people who don’t swear make me very uncomfortable

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Quai de Conti, Paris

winter in california, suck it


So I am socially required to shave my legs and armpits but white boys aren’t socially required to shave their stringy greasy failed mini moustaches?

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I am so sorry.
So sorry that you, your mothers and daughters and sisters
Are caught up in this twister of misogyny
But note,
The hated of women is a man-made creation that has never had domain
In the place of nature.

I will be honest,
I have not been perfect in the slightest with my fair-share of
‘She belongs in the kitchen’
And a healthy dose of slut shaming in my youth
But I am trying to repent because
What a woman has as her hobbies,
Or what she pleases to do with
Her body is none of my business.

I cannot believe I’ve witnessed 19 years of this,
At almost age 20 I am a born-again feminist and I don’t give a shit
Which side of the gender spectrum has a problem with it.

I need feminism because my mother worked a 9-5, did college part time, cooked and clean, then raised me and still doesn’t get the respect (or pay) that she deserves.
I need feminism because my cousin in the 1st grade believes she is ugly cause she’s overweight.
I need feminism because statically at least three of my friends at college are going to be sexually assaulted.
I need feminism because there are guys that think rape jokes are still funny.

I know girls who spend their nights clutching their car keys between their fingers as if they were the gospel of protection, who’ve memorized campus hotlines over their own mother’s cell.
I know girls carving “pretty girls don’t eat” into their stomachs with razor blades sharpened by words from moronic teenage boys and
False advertisements from magazines and television screens.

To the women,
I am sorry that I will never be able to understand
And I am sorry that this poem will never be enough of an apology for everything you’ve gone through,

But I hope it’s a start.

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